The topic of .ba is one that has been the subject of interest and debate for a long time. From its origins to the present, .ba has captured the attention of people from different fields, whether due to its impact on society, its relevance in history, or its influence on people's daily lives. In this article, we will explore in depth the role .ba has played over time, as well as its relevance today. From its origins to its evolution, we will examine how .ba has impacted different areas of life, and what the future holds for it. Through detailed analysis and a critical perspective, we aim to shed light on the most relevant aspects of .ba, thus offering the reader a deeper understanding of this fascinating topic.

Introduced14 August 1996
TLD typeCountry code top-level domain
RegistryUniversity Telinformatic Centre
SponsorUniversity Telinformatic Centre
Intended useEntities connected with  Bosnia and Herzegovina
Actual useFairly popular in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Registered domains26,333 (2022-11-27)
Registration restrictionsMust be located in Bosnia-Herzegovina or have representative there
StructureRegistrations are directly at second level, or at third level beneath some second-level labels
Registry websiteNIC.BA

.ba is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is administered by the University Teleinformation Center.

Second-level domains

The procedure for registering domains within .ba is slightly more complicated than in other ccTLDs; the process is defined by laws and regulations of BiH institutions. For more information, please see Regulations regarding the registration of the BA domain. While international domains can be bought by anyone without any additional requests and documents, .BA domains can be registered by only entities that meet all requirements listed in the Regulations. While domain registration is free, a local presence is needed. Any company that has a registered name or registered trademark in Bosnia–Herzegovina can register an eponymous .BA domain (provided that the domain is not already taken), though some additional caveats apply.

Privately owned second-level domains are permitted, which for-profit companies use. But there are also standardised second level domains:

  • .edu.ba for educational organisations
  • .gov.ba for governmental authorities
  • .net.ba for network operators
  • .org.ba for non profit organisations
  • .mil.ba is intended for military entities and affiliated organisations. As of December 2022, no domain names are registered under this second level domain.

The rules for the standardised second level domains are fairly well enforced.


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